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I actually don’t have much information about PKU school lunches. I think if you go to you can call/email and I believe they have some sort of lunch program that you can find out about. But I’m not 100% positive. All I remember is that when I was in 4th grade and starting school my mom fought with my school because apparently in Wisconsin they are required by law to provide me with a lunch.
By the way good luck with trying to set up an organization for children/people with metabolic disorders. When I was about 2 my mom started the PKU organization of Wisconsin, but she had to stop when I was 10 because life was getting to hectic and now it is run by somebody else and called PKU and allied disorders of wisconsin (padow). I think the way my mom got past hippa was by giving flyers to my dietitian and she gave them to the families and whoever wanted to be apart of the organization contacted my mom. Eventually she somehow got a hold of addresses of all the PKU people so she was able to just mail everything directly to their houses. nBre

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