Community Discussion Forum That’s PKU life! How do you keep your level down? Reply To: How do you keep your level down?

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Hey Millie, for awhile I had the same problem you have. I’m allowed 300mg of phe. My dietitian always said to make sure you drink all your formula because if you don’t then your levels tend to be higher. I drink Phenylade chocolate too, and PKU express coolers and xphe maxamum juice boxes. I stopped drinking Phenylade a year ago so I could drink the coolers and juice boxes, but I have to drink Phenylade again because since I am in the study we have to add milk to my formula to get extra phe. It’s so I don’t get used to more phe incase they have to take it away.
Anyway, make sure you try to spread your food out throughout the day. If your having a very low pro meal and then a very high meal your going to give yourself phe spikes where your level will shoot up and then shoot down, which isn’t good. I guess the only way I got my levels down was by really watching what I eat. nBre

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