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Yeah… I have also been made fun of for my food and milk… it was especially hard for me when I was in 2nd-3rd grade.
In my school, only the teachers were allowed to get salad, so the other kids would ask how come I get to have a salad, even though they wouldn’t eat it even if they had been allowed to get it. I have found that most people want something for no reason other than because somebody else has it. I have experienced this with siblings, cousins, and classmates. But, being so young then, I guess what they all failed to realize is that whenever somebody’s mama surprised the class with cupcakes for the kid’s birthday, I had to sit there and act like I didn’t want one when they came to give me a cupcake and I said “I don’t want one.” It was a lie, but I found that it was much easier to just say that I didn’t want one than to try to explain my condition that I didn’t fully understand. nMillie

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