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hey brea i know ive already said my congrats but just wanted to say it again as that is very exciting news. please keep me posted. i totally love babies and cant wait to be a mom myself , but not for atleast another 5 yrs. lol and i want to be married first so that may be a problem since cole dosnet believe in it!!!! i hope he changes his mind one day! but i know im my heart even if he dosent i would never leave him, i would compermise. i cant imajin my life with out him. but i do do dream of a fairy tale wedding and a family of my own. just one or 2 kids though. idelay 2 but i know that ill be lucky if i can just have one. sounds kinda lame i know but i think of it often.. lol so yeah anyways im happy for u and ur family! keep me posted!!!!

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