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poppy corn , i will not lie it will be hard. but the rewards are great. i want to say that u are an amazing person for takign in this child. there are not enough people like you. i would be happy to chat with u and answer any of your questions my name is Amanda and im 21 with pku. i have a website that u may find usefull to you in your research. the link is you may contact me there or u may email persoanlly at . i wish u all the best and im sure everything will be fine. one of the most important things to learn will be to get her to drink her forumla . this is very essentail . when you know what formual she has let me know and i can tell u some little tricks in makign it better. example when i was her age i drank phenlyfree it was the grossest ever so my mom added strawberry quick to it.
ow i cant remember what u eat at 14 months , if shes eatign solids i would recommed introcducing fruit and veggies rigth away. especially bananas apples and apple sauce. if she learns to like these right off everyhting will be so much easier. dont let her have chocolate or candy or anything that may be high phe , the earlier you start with the veggies and fruit the next step is low pro foods. and i muist say since i was born they have had many advancments . she wont want for anything. i alsways told people who pitted me that if i have never had something i never misse dout as i knew no diffrent. and they have so many good foods for people with pku now , like pastas, cambrugers,pizzas and baked goods. you will find them very costly but litterly life savers. nim sorry i cant be more help at this moment but as i said before i would love to talk further with u so feel free to conatct me for anything!!! nand good luck and god bless you and ur kindness!!

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