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hey all i just wanted to introduce myself i have been a member on here for awhile but for some reason i didnt see this thread. my name is Amanda i am 21 i have CPKU i live in victoria BC i have a pku website u can view at and im chair of the comitte organizing the very first canadian pku walk a thon. i really love meeting new people with pku and even started a group and cause application on facebook they are just called PKU and have a pic of a yellow and red pansy. im a hobbie photographer and cook. i love to experiment with foods and see how i can convert them to low pro, i even bake every weekend. i live with my boyfriend cole we have been toghter for 2.5 yrs we have 5 fish tanks and one cat. i work at Slegg lumber as a recepsionist and i hope to be going to college next year to become a support worker and open my own non profit center for metabolic families. so u see im pretty normal and have many dreams and ambitions. PKU has actually helped me be who i am today. i use to struggle so much and was very sick with high level syptoms for many many years. but i changed my life around and would love to help anyone else. if u want to chat feel free to add me as a friend or to msn and facebook!!! On facebook i am Amanda Cosburn!!!hope to hear from you all!!!

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