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My goodness me, you are a hive of information aren’t you . I think I will just keep sending all my questions to you from now on.
I think he is a thing-a-me-pip doctor. He has only ever seen this doctor but has also seen counsellors and social workers.
I just thought that there might be one place (clinic) that they might be able to go to get all their answers instead of driving all the way to the Childrens Hospital in Brisbane. You see they have three other children also. The two middle ones have had open heart surgery and the youngest has a disease that makes one side of his body larger than the other. It also has side affect which include tumors in the liver. He is only 2 years old. So it is a big task to get the eldest one to the hospital which is about 1 hour away in good traffic conditions. nThanks again, nRos

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