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kilowattgirl. that just makes me so mad that they would put u through that when managing pku can be failry easy when u get started right. i dotn understand why they would take u off the diet, its like they gave up on you and that just makes me mad!!!!! im gald that everything turned out diffrent though!!!! sometimes doctors make me so mad!!either cause they are ignort or just plain dumb. atlot of doctors here dont know what PKU is and i have to go to vancover for treatment and even though its a commuit i really appreciate it as i get really good care and have a hole team of doctors. of course it wasent always like this, i struggled anormasly with my pku all trhough my school years and only with in the last 2 have a changed my life and healh around. now i try to do all that i can for spreading awarness for pku and i learn new things everyday. i have a pku website and im trying to publish a pku recpie book also im organizing the very first canadain pku walk a thon. id love to talk to u further if u like. i love talking to new people , u never know what u can learn and the friends u can make!!
well gtg im at work!!!
hope to talk to u again!
god bless u and ur family!

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