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Something I have been thinking about I thought I might ask anyone of you. How do you cope as you get older? Does it get easier, I mean the feeling that you are missing out on the goodies and being able to just go into a cafe or takeaway place and order anything on the menu? Because Kalyb is only 6yo I suppose this is the hardest time, starting scholl and going to friends birthday parties.
I don’t know, I just remember the panic when they came to stay when he was about 18mths, they forgot his bag of baby food. I had to go up to the supermarket and buy a tin of food. I had a terrible time trying to find something that didn’t have meat of some sort in it.
I hope for your sake it does get better and I am in awe of you all. It takes a lot of courage to grow up in this day and age even if you don’t have any medical problems. nRegards, nRos.

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