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For me there are a few trying times, but when I say few I really do mean few. My thinking is you can’t miss something you’ve never had. Think of something like sushi, caviare, snails or something else you have never tried…do you miss those things you’ve never tried? I guess it probably depends on what type of a family life you grow up it, my family never made a big deal out of my PKU and neither do me and my 9-year-old sister. We were born with PKU and that’s just how it is and we both know we could have been born with other disorders that could prevent us from living completely normally.
I know for some people it might be hard to deal with. I will admit middle school was probably the hardest time for me when it came to PKU. Probably because that is when my friends really started getting curious about what PKU really was and the truth is at the time I had no idea how to answer their questions. Now since I know alot more about my PKU it’s a million and one times easier to explain to my friends quick and in terms they understand. Everybody has something they have to deal with whether it is diabetes, arthitis, heart problems, food allergies etc and PKU is just that one thing for me….but that’s just my thinking and everybody is different. nBre

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