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when i was in school my family couldnt affrod low pro food and alot of people in my home town have never heard of pku so my mom would make my lunches and they conisted of my milk, applesauce, jam cracker sandwiches,a fruit cup, adn a fruit roll up, as i got older and started making ym own lunches i took salads , or pasta salads and cookies, i always too applesauce too. i totally forgot about all the lunches my mom made for me and all the foods she tried to add to get me to eat, like marshmellos and crakers or skittles. i only remember beacuse since our house flooded i havent been able to bake or cook my fav low pro foods and so today i made my jam craker sandwiches and brought some applesace, pinapple and a cearl bar. it was actually quiet good and surprisingly low pro lol. just thought id share that incase ur looking for ideas for school lunches or work lunches, if im in a bind i can go for a thermos of tomatoe soup or mushroom soup. i just use the campbell soups but i add water instead of milk.

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