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hello poppy corn,its me again. i know its not something u want to hear, but it will work its self out .when i was young my levels bounced all over the place even got as high as 21 and 22, it wasent untill the stress in my life was resolved did they start loweing themselves. also sometimes i wasent eating enough. this may be her case. as if ur to low ur levels will riase just if u were eatign to much. im sure now that there is a journal for her they will be able to figure it out. the only downfall is you may feel like there treating her like a gunie pig as thats how my mom and i have felt at times, but in the end u have to remind ur self that its for a greater good and when they have there answers it will benfit her in the long run and she will have a full and normal healthy life. thanks to you!!! nagain if u ever want to talk more with me feel free to contact me at or on my pku website as i would love to answer any of ur questions, and be of any help to u at anytime! nAmanda

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