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In a few weeks we will be doing our first at home blood test. I still have to buy the lancet and am not sure which one to get. I need to get one that will poke deep enough to get enough blood. At the clinic last week, I did it with the nurse watching, but her foot is so chunky and the lancet wasn’t big/long enough so we only got like two drops of blood on the card. They ended up having to draw it the usual way, but at least I got a practice try. Also, if I do happen to mess up this time, they can always do it the usual way at the clinic the following week. So I don’t feel a lot of pressure. It would just be nice to do it right so we don’t have to worry about the needles at the office visits. As one of the previous posters mentioned, it’s on our own time and it’s somebody that Ashley’s comfortable with so she’s not already freaking out before we even get started. Anybody with chunky baby feet have any suggestions on lancets?

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