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hi i am 25 years old with pku and i have a 6 year lod son and one on the way i have not exactly followd how to count phes but have always had low levels every time they checked them. i know from experiance that if you dont try to explain whats wrong with tanner early she wont understand later and it will be harder for her to cope with as it was wit hme and now i still struggle with it. there are still alot of things i dont know but i am still learning. you have to let her know what she can and cant have and why dont ever lie to her about it make her very aware of it so nothing happens later like for example she goes to school one day and someone gives her a diet soda but she dosent have the nerve to tell them she cant have it because she is affraid of being made fun of. well she knows she cant have it because 1 of the warning and 2 its diet she dosent have to tell anyone if she dosent feel comfertable but can keep it for you or just throw it away later. i hope you kind of understand what im tryin to say if you have any questions i will be here.

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