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hey i saw ur post and had to answer, i to have anxiety and only within in the last 2 yrs and i am 21 now, ironicly its only beeen the last 2.5 years that i have been fully inconrtol of my diet and had resnable levels. i never had anxiety before when my levels were adbnormally high so i know it wasent from then.. just curoious but what has helped ur anxiety? other than levels ? also my advice for getting back on track is dont overwelm urslef and set to many goals. for me getting back on track was cooking, backing and experimenting with foods, keeping a jorunal for myslef that was vey honest so i could physically see what i was doing, also regular blood tests and keeping in touch with my medical staff! nif ud like to caht sometime or have any questions feel free to msg me for my email or wesite addy!

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