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Ugh, I hate it when that happens. Up until I was about 10 my dad’s side of the family was not accomadating at all. I’m very close with my family because we all live within 20 minutes of eachother or less and so it was really rough when my other siblings wanted to sleep over at my cousins but I couldn’t because my aunts wouldn’t help with the diet.
Anyway, in 5th grade I decided to go out of state to Michigan with my dad’s family for Christmas. My older sister and brother and one of my younger sisters went with aswell, we were going because my great grandma lives there. I enjoyed being with my cousins, but in all PKU wise it was just a disaster. On Christmas day everybody forgot to make me anything to eat, I was only 10 so I was afraid to say anything so I had to wait about 15 minutes before anybody realized. They only realized because my older sister who was 13 at the time yelled at everybody for making me upset. Then I had to wait another 15 minutes to get my food and by then everybody was done eating and all I got was low pro noodles. Lets just say my mom was not happy at all.
Talk with the family members who were hosting this party and had no food for him. That’s the only way you can get anybody to make his food is if you let them know what they can make for him. After my mom had a long talk with my aunts they now always make sure to have fruits, veggies and low pro pasta for me and my sister. My mom then usually brings low pro taco salad and orange tapioca salad (it is in Virginia Schuett’s books). Sometimes my aunts even attempt to make low pro desserts for us using fruit, non dairy whipped cream and crushed up grahm crackers and it actually tastes pretty good.
If all else fails and nobody will make your grandson food, I say take it upon yourself or get his mother to do it and just make something for him to bring along so he has something to eat. We almost always bring with taco salad and the orange tapioca salad just in case and the best part is all my non PKU siblings and cousins love both! They actually call the orange tapioca salad “Orange fluff” and they always ask my mom to bring it. nBre 16 CPKU

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