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Wow! I just joined this site and was reading what you have been going through. And to be honast, it has really upset me. That’s garbage! You should have been taking that baby’s blood since the day you took her home from the hospital! Baby’s are more comfortable with their parents!
The hospital took Sammy’s blood the first two times of her life and my husband and I have been doing it ever since. We started with the heel pricks. I’ll have to check back onto what kind we used. Sammy was a chunky monkey too but that had nothing to do with getting her blood. A trick that we came up with is to wait till she is hungry. Have the bottle ready, stick her, and when she cries, put the bottle in her mouth while you are getting the blood. *L* I know it sounds a little mean, but it works! She’s happy while you get the blood. Now that she is almost two, we stick her finger and tell her to “make pretties” on the paper and after the initial stick, she gets into it.
Hope this helps. I am so sorry for what they have put you through. Hang in there!

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