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Well there is no need for me to intervine with such outstanding advise not only for monkey but for me as well. I’m 27 and I just recently had a suprise pregnacy on birth control that ended up in a termination being that I’ve been off my diet for a sum around 15 yrs or take. It was the hardest and sadest thing that I have ever done being that it was my very first pegnacy. Now I’m back on my diet and was trying to force myself going cold turkey from all consumptions of my favorite foods. Now I ate meat but chicken was my main source of choice and I love my chicken. I havent had it since the day I found out that I was prego. Now that I’m not I want to so bad to eat it but just that episode that I had to go through was a wake up call. My partner and I would like to have a child, and face it I not getting any younger. I sought out this site for some support with others who have went through the same thing or already have children and what got them through each day. Of course all advise are welcomed.

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