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Hello everyone….. I’m Mischa and I’m not from Ireland but I am 50% Irish hahaha. Irish/Itailan/and Scottish to be exact. I’m 27 and just 4 day ago now I had to endure the most difficult and sadest thing that I have ever done in my life. I found out just before the Christmas holidays that I was pregnact and I was on birth control at the time. It was a suprise pregnacy. I have been off my diet for a sum or 10 to 15 yrs. I had no choice but to terminate and since the day I found out I forced myself to go cold turkey which now I have a total outlook on anyone with a problem of sort to where they have to quit something that is part of the lives. I still go through distrot emotional states. My partner has been there for me and I love him to death. He has a daughter already and that was my first pregnacy and now I am more determined than ever to bring my levels to the stages that they need to be and were going to try again the right way (planned). I sought out this site to also find females like yourselves that are trying or already have concieved children to get more of an insite of what I am going to be putting myself through.

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