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Mr monkey, i would love to share some recpies with u , i have so many and i even have my own pku website were i post new pku news, repiecs my pku journal . u can check it out at ni would also love to know what ur results are when u do a level and if u find any conncetion with ur anxiety .i actualyl had 3 panic attakes yesterday alone just cause i had to go out on a bus to my doctors , i left my house at 9:30 and didnt get home till 2 . i hate busses and getting stranded and i hate being alone too. i rarley ever go anywere besided work and my gym alone cause if i panice i want to leave rigth away and if im watign for a bus i cant, but if my boyfriedn cole is with me he has a truck and we can just go!

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