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Apologies but I haven’t been on this site for a while.
I am pleased to report that I am 21 weeks pregnant. I had my ‘big scan’ on Tuesday. It was very interesting because the consultant told me what they are looking out for when the mother has PKU. The main thing they check is the heart, the brain and the overall growth of the baby. After all my checks were done the consultant said the baby had scored 10 out of 10, which was a weight off my mind. She also said that she will be monitoring me closely throughout the rest of my pregnancy to make sure the baby is growing sufficiently. nWhen I found out I was pregnant, I wasn’t on my ‘special diet’. The night I found out I was pregnant I contact the hospital and they told me what to do. The first few weeks were hard as I had to cut out everything that I was used to eating. They put me on a formula that I had never had before, maxamum XP. I had really bad sickness and I wasn’t keeping my formula down. This made my blood levels high. In the end I had to go to the doctors to get some sickness tablets. Luckily these worked but I still felt rotten. Then the hospital found out that my zinc levels were low so they put me on some zinc supplements. This started my sickness off again! Luckily the next time they checked my zinc levels they had increased so they are monitoring this closely too.
It is an exciting time however I am and will be apprehensive till the baby is born.
It is great to hear that mothers with PKU have had healthy children, as it gives me a sense of hope that my baby will be ok!

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