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Hi i am so glad you responded I was really looking for someone in the area to talk to about the doctors. I called the clinic in Milwaukee today and they said the kids would be with Pamela if we go to the Milwaukee clinic we are still waiting to see if the insurance company is going to specify which clinic we have to go to. So I am glad to hear you like Pamela. SO you like the other people at the clinic too? What about the hospital itself is it pretty nice? We have had some doctors we really do not like….they thought they where know-it-alls!! Anyway do you know how I would go about getting the foods you said the state provided? And is there a Wisconsin group website. We live in Indiana right now but we have always went to the Illinois group they have a family camp that we go to every year. Have you ever went to the weisman center? That is the other clinic we have heard of there. ANyway thanks again for responding we will talk to you later. nJanice

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