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The hospital is okay. I’ve never gone anywhere else for my PKU, so I really don’t have much to base it off of. We go to the curative center for PKU appointments, which is actually a small separate building from Children’s main building. The genetics center moved to Curative when I was about 12 I think, you might have to check out a map to know what I’m talking about.
Both me and my sister love the whole staff at the clinic. Compared to the staff we used to work with they are amazing. If you see Dr T I’m guessing you will probably see Bridget aswell, she works wonders lol.
When we get low pro foods we just call Children’s Hospital and put in an order and then a day or so later we drive down to the warehouse near Childrens and pick up what we ordered. If I’m correct I believe if you live 50 miles or more away they will ship the food to you, but I’m not 100% sure.
I’ve never actually been to the Waisman center. I have meet Lisa (the dietitian there) at Maternal PKU camp for teen girls last summer. She was really nice. I think the organizations website is, but I’m really not sure. nBre

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