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Oh, and about the cake… *rolls eyes* I had a hellova time with that last year with Sammy’s first birthday. My mother in law had actually bought me a PKU cookbook. But like u, I’m not a cook so I didn’t pick it up until right before Sammys birthday to find a cake to bake. I never was able to round up all the ingridents for it. Some of them are special PKU things that you have to specially order. Thank goodness this year, I have a pre-mix cake in a box for her. I think it’s made my dietary specialties. I’ll have to try to look up where u can order it online.
Oh and in case u are wondering, we ended up making this “quick cake” from the PKU cookbook that said for us to buy a normal vanilla cake and replace the eggs with applesauce. Each slice was 85 grams of phe but I figured she’d probably only eat the frosting anyway. The whole thing almost fell apart when we tried to take it out of the pan! *L* We ended up keeping it in the pan and handed that way to Sammy! She made quite a mess, but it was a lot of fun.

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