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Okay well thanks for the info. I dont have any other questions for right now, but I am sure I will!!!HAHAHA!!! We will be moving sometime over the next 2 months…as soon as we find a house, but my husband will be staying in hotels there starting next week until we find a place. we have actually had 3 different PKU doctors so far…and Cyra is only 4!! We where in the military and stationed in Texas when Cyra was born so she went to a clinic there first. Then we moved to Indiana and she was with a doctor at Rileys Childrens Hospital. Then on of the doctors there died, and so she got switched to a different doc. we did not really like the 1st doctor and Cyra was a little afraid of him. But we are sad to leave the new doc. she is really great and the kids love her. So anyway I will talk to you later Bye

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