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nattie, lol i know it sure does. if it were up to me id have one now, but im not married and thats very importnat to me, and i am hopefully starting college soon, and i hope to go to rome when im done. after i accomplish these then i will think more of starting a family. i have a hole time line and even two baby girl names picked out so lol i guess im thinking or dreaming a head. lol . honestly im pretty scared i dont think i could keep my levels down for 15 months , id be so scared of casuing damamge to my baby, i dont think i have that will power. because of this fear i have been on the depo shot since i was 15. i recenlty asked my dr if this was bad and if it would prevent me from having kids, he said no, it will just take longer to concieve and hightens my risk to ostroprois. i considerd goign of of it for a while , but the idea of a unplanned pregnact terrifies me, though i have heard of it beign done and seen results of sucessful unplanned pregnancys i dont think i could do it, cause i know me.
when the time comes maybe i will be less afraid , prepared and less immature!!

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