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Lol, thanks Amanda . Unfortentually, I’m not sure if I can offer much help. When I was born my level was in the 20’s, so I was put on the diet right away. Since she is getting older is she eatting more? I’m just asking because maybe if she is going from eating a limited amount of baby food to a lot of ‘big kid’ foods (like bread, pasta etc) that has a lot of phe in it.
Maybe she does have a limit to how much phe she is allowed to have. If her phe allowance is high enough then of course the diet isn’t needed, but I guess it would be needed if she is starting to eat more high phe foods. Does she eat things like meat or dairy products? I know those are crazy high in protein! nGood luck with your granddaughter! Ask any questions you have, there are soooooo many helpful people here! nBreanna 16 CPKU

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