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Well Brea, I just got off the web site and I have some pretty upsetting news. There are 3 clinics in California and all three of them are four hours away from me. I have a question for you. How often do you have to go to one of the clinics? Is it just a one time visit or do you have to go to them all the time like when you get your blood tested. I’m asking because I don’t think I ever had one when I was younger. All I remember was that I went to UC Davis hospital. That is in northern part of California. I don’t know if they just sent my blood to another place or just did it there. I do know just this last time when I got my blood tested they had to send it to LA. Thank you sorry if I’m bugging you it’s that I just don’t know anything and I feel that I left in the dark and everybody is just winging everything, and I want to make sure that they are doing everything correctly, also I kinda feel like the a lab rat you know just like a test to see if they get it right. Thanks so much. Kerrie

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