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Hey Bre, He was my regular doctor. I have no idea how it was read but I thought it did sound rather high for only eating veg, fruits, and some breads (not to many breads) but I also eat a good amount of oatmeal with butter and honey. I really don’t think he has no idea on what he is doing. When I went for my physical he first asked me IF I really do have PKU and how do I know that I have PKU. I then told him cause I was born and they tested me at birth so that was how I know that I have it. Personally I thought that was kinda RUDE!! Then he went on that he didn’t know a lot about it because it is very rare,(was his words exactly). Then he said that before the test was mandatory they had all these people with problems and now that he saved us they have to learn it all over again. That was the line of crap that he gave me. Can you believe that!! Like he saved me!!! So he told me to be patient with the doctors because it is so rare.. What a crappy doctor huh. Well the bad part is that I think that I’m stuck with an idiot for a doctor because he is the only one that takes my insurance. He also told me that He would advise me not to try to have a baby yet because my levels are way too high. I then told him that I was just wanting to know where I was to see how far I have to go. Evidently I have a ways to go. Maybe I should get some low pro foods and see about how to get some formula. If I just drink the formula and just eat veggies and fruits, do you think it will be lower? Just cut out the bread period? Do you think I should wait to see my dietitian and he or she will set me up with all of that. Thanks Bre P.S. Do you have any idea on what kind of gum we can chew, I used to chew Extra, Orbit, Trident you know gum that is good for your teeth. The only thing that I can find is Hubba Bubba and Bubbalicious. If you didn’t know I’m in the dental field I am what you call a Registered Dental Assistant, so basically I’m the one that suck the spit up in the suction. If you know of any please let me know. Thanks Kerrie

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