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as emberssing as it is so share but i find that i have had this problem my hole life. going days at a time. my mom said expscailly as a baby. so i know what u mean. its very frusterating and sad cause ur baby cant talk to u and tell u how to make her feel better, my boyfriend sometimes rubs my tummy and u sleep with a hot water bottle. i find the best thing for me since i was kid was drinking alot of water, i get dehydrated very easly, even though there is water in our formaula and babys milk its not always enough, my mom said that i was most comfterbale curled in a fetal postion with my knees bent at my chin.. does she lie like this alot? nim sorry i cant be more help , all i can recommend is more fluids and time. if u have any questions or would like more help pls feel free to contat me.

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