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I personally think how your child will live with their PKU depends on you as the parent. If you make sure that your son grows up knowing that his PKU doesn’t make him any different and he can do everything that everybody else can then he will grow up knowing that.
That’s how my family was growing up. I was never told I couldn’t spend the night with cousins or friends, take dance classes and other things like that because of my PKU. My parents made sure they had food for me when everybody else had food and I was completely happy with that.
Yes, as a child I ate foods I should every once in awhile but realistically think that’s to be expected. When you tell a child to do their homework or that they can’t watch tv, are they always going to listen? Of course not. When that happens the best you can do is just adjust your meals for the rest of the day the best you can and move forwards.
Sorry I’m not super helpful. I guess it’s just hard to tell you what it was like growing up with PKU because it is such a general question. Let me know if you want to know more that I or anybody else here hasn’t said. nBreanna 16 CPKU

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