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Hey Bre, I did check on the backs of all the gum in Target and I didn’t find any. But I will check out the Big Red,that one wasn’t there. I don’t check my levels at home. I’m not quite sure on how to get the stuff to do it, and I’m not too fond of pricking my own finger. I do much better through my vein. My sister told me the same thing. She thinks that they don’t hurt. Lol my sister when we were younger and I had to get my blood tested I made her get it too. It’s funny cause she doesn’t have PKU. I told her that the finger hurts a lot worse that the vein. Well I’m going to try to get a copy of the lab report and try to figure out how he got those numbers. Good luck on your exams, and thatnks for yourhelp again. Kerrie

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