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Amanda, Thanks for your info on the formula. I found out that my insurance will cover it. So I guess I have to wait to see my dietitian for the RX. I have another question for you. My mom had told me that I had to see an Endocrinologist. My sister was helping me do some research on the metabolic clinic. When I was younger I don’t remember going to any metabolic clinic, so I was wondering if I were to see an Endocrinologist would it be the same thing as a metabolic clinic? Also at the clinic would they give you the stuff to test your blood at home? I’m not looking forward to drinking the formula. When I was younger They all tasted very bad almost to the point of gagging.So I hope they got a lot better. I did find some gum. Big Red does not have phe in it, so I bought some. Thanks for your help and I will look up on your web site the MPKU and your story. Kerrie

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