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Amanda or Bre, I think I figured out the whole count thing. I believe he was referring to the method of micro mole per littler. If he said that it was at 700 then I wasn’t that far off then I thought. If good for being prego is 120-363um/l then 700 isn’t all that bad. My sister found a web site under googling PKU and pregnancy, she then went to page 2 and Found a topic that said something like PKU and pregnant program 1. It also has a web site that starts with http://www.dhs then it said some other things that I can’t remember. YOU guys should check it out. I was also thinking about when I was off my diet since I was 18, I have read on the web site that some people who have been off had some pretty serious medical issues. When I was off I didn’t have any problems at all. the only time was just about 6 to 7 months ago I had a kidney stone. I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t on the diet. It was small so I was able to pass it with out surgery. Let me know what you think. Kerrie

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