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To answer your question about if your child would need to be on the diet, no not unless he/she has PKU. When a person has 2 PKU genes, then they have PKU. Those with 1 PKU gene and 1 normal gene are carriers (ex: for us all to have PKU our parents are carriers). And those who have 2 normal genes are neither carriers nor PKU’ers, just your everyday average person. So no, if you have a daughter and she is just a carrier she won’t have to be on the diet because our mothers never had to be on the diet.
So if the father is a carrier, you have a 50% chance of having a PKU child and 50% chance of having a child who is a carrier. If the father is not a carrier there will be no chance that the child will have PKU because both parents need to pass 1 PKU gene on, but because we have 2 PKU genes that is the only thing we can pass onto our children, so the child will get 1 PKU gene making them a carrier.
As for your daughter having PKU children, if she has PKU then it will be the same as it is for you. She will need to have a husband who is a carrier to have a 50% chance of having a PKU child. The only way your or any other person with PKU would be 100% guarenteed to have a PKU child is if both the mother and father have PKU. If you have a daugther and she does not have PKU, but is a carrier, it will be the same as it is with our parents. They have a 25% chance of having a PKU child, 25% chance of a carrier and 50% chance of neither and that’s IF the father is a carrier aswell. If he isn’t there is no chance the child would have PKU.

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