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kerrie, i cmpleyley agree with brea on this one. i had high levels for many years and was in and out of hospital with high levele symtoms. and i thought i was fine. i never felt bad just tired and low engergy, i was also very emotional and had a bad tmeper thats all i could see. now that im healthy and back on track i can see everything that was wrong with my from my hair and weight all the way to my memory and ablitly to obtain information. i never ever could see the differance. now everything is so clear and i always wonder how i ever lived like that and try so hard never to fall back to the dark place. i know last spring i was very depressed and sliding back but it wasent untill cole said it did i relize it for myslef. i havent slipt again.
you very well could be moderate or hyper phe or u could be classic PKU but u just wont know untill u get some levels done and experimant alitle. it will feel like they are treating u like a guniea pig or they dont know what they are doing, but just remember its for the best. and one day when u have great health and ur dream baby u will see that! i wish u all the best on ur journay. if u have more questions dont hesitat in asking me. ttyl !!

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