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What a strange coincidence. I have a nephew with autism and it does not run in our family line at all. However, I wondered if the PKU could influence the capacity to become autistic. I’m sure that it was chemically induced through innoculation (my opinion) when he was small but then all of my sister’s children were immunized. Why one child out of all of them? And how is it that we could have PKU and not know about it until later years? I always wondered about my illnesses but didn’t know what the tie in was. Just only recently tied it together. It was the seizures from aspartame, getting sick from meat, cheese, beans and soy products and doing better on a complete vegan or fruitarian diet and also hearing my husband saying I was PKU. Then I finally looked it up and that’s how I found this place. Well, enough of my musing. I just was wondering about autism too. Peggy

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