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Hi keyman,
Im sorry your friend lost his job. nYou didnt say where your friend lived and my limited knowledge and experience is in the Uk (Scotland)
I would try to get your friend in to see his GP for a referral to a dietician or local PKU clinic. nMaybe if he can get on to the diet he might improve mentally?
If he is in the UK i think he might be able to claim benefits due to his mental health needs and possibly in relation to his PKu diet as well. nDont take my word for it get him into a money advice clinic or the Citizens advice bureau (CA
If he lost his job due to his ongoing mental health needs he may be in a position to claim unfair dismissal in relation to the Disability discrimination act.Contact acas they will be able to advise or his union if hes in one. nThere is help in the community but its knowing where to start looking. nGood luck to you and your friend.

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