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I personally just drink the chocolate phenylade plain. When I was little and I drank the strawberry phenylade (because I’ve gone through millions of formulas in my life) I mixed it with the herseys strawberry syrup I think. You can mix the herseys chocolate with the chocolate phenylade and see if you like that, but I think that the herseys chocolate is a little higher in phe then the strawberry. You could also mix it with bananas in a blender and make some sort of smoothie.
Infact you could probably do that with the citrus and unflavored as well. Sometimes I do this and if you mix in enough fruits you probably won’t taste the formula as much. You could also add a non-dairy coffee creamer (like Riches Coffee Rich) instead of using milk like most people do for smoothies. Or have you ever heard of Sip Ahh straws? They’re straws that I found out about at PKU camp last July. They’re basically flavored straws, maybe if you drink you formula with that it might help. But you’d have to look around for them, at camp we were told to look in dollar stores and sure enough that is where we found the straws (the Sip Ahh come in chocolate, cookies and cream, and strawberry and all are phe free).
Also, if all else fails have you ever heard of the PKU listserv? The website is and basically it’s a place where you can send an email and it gets sent to everybody who is on the list. A lot of people who have extra formula that they don’t want just ask if anybody needs it and trust me you’ll get somebody who is in need of formula. Usually people are willing to pay the shipping cost of the formula etc.
I hope this helps!

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