Community Discussion Forum Generation PKU Does anyones busy life make the diet hard? Reply To: Does anyones busy life make the diet hard?

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I just found this so I’m not sure if you will read this or not but I hope that you do. I finished college about 6 months ago and am currently a 4th grade teacher. I to am 22 years old. I live on my own now and have stayed on the diet the whole time. Many of my friends and the people around me know about my diet and it has become something we can joke about. I can’t imagine going off the diet and having to come back on it. I know that there are alot of things I wish I could try but never have and never will. If you order lowprotein food from cambrooke they have alot of substitutes and food that is good. It might not tast alot like what you have had but it might make the transition easier. With my milk I always eat cereal to make sure I get it and the more milk I have II find that the less hungry I am. Hopefully this has helped some and if you ever have any questions feel free to ask. I enjoy hlping people and understand how hard the diet can be.

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