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Yes Amanda it does. My dietitian has me on 2000-2200 cal. a day. I gave her a diet analysis and she said that my pro was 40grams and my phe was 11mg for the day.. My cal for that day was only 830. I have no idea on how to get more cal and keep my phe low.. I try to eat a lot but the formula that I’m drinking fills me up. Also she wants me to eat more fruit. The bad thing is that I’m not a big fruit person, I’m more of a veggie person.. Also she wants me to eat more free foods, all of the free foods that I know about is fats like oils and candy and soda. Everything that is bad for your teeth and body. I have know idea how you even get the cal that you do. That is quite a bit. Well good luck with the walk a thon and I hope to hear from you soon. Kerrie

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