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Hey Bre, My blood test did read that it was 11.12mg of phe. But the 11 that you were talking about is the phe for the day. I’m aloud 500mg of phe per day, and I only had 11mg. The bad part is that the calories was 830 which is bad. I got a lot of samples of low pro foods and I am now trying to get some from maddy’s and cambrooke. I’m trying to get my insurance to cover it. That is what is taking so long. That is also the same for the formula. I think that my blood levels would drop drastically when I get to start to eat the low pro foods. Right now i’m still eating some rice just to fill me up some, but I’m happy with my levels now. The good news is that the levels will continue to drop. Well thanks for you help. By the way can you get low pro foods from your metabolic clinic? Kerrie

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