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Hey Bre and Amanda, I just got my records back from Uc Davis hospital were I used to go for my metabolic clinic when I was little. They said on my paper work that any phe level above 4.0mg/dl is considered Pku and mine at birth was 27.4 H. I have no idea what the H means or if there is more cause there is a paper covering the rest of it. So what category would I fall under, CPKU, or that Hyper or what ever PKU. What is hyper pku can they still eat meat, or what is the difference between the 2. I know that CPKU is the classic type but does that mean the if they were to go off the diet then they would have some pretty bad medical problems? Isn’t there another one to like MPKU ( Moderate pku)? I have my dietitian’s apt on monday so I hope I find out some more news about my low pro foods and formula. Talk to you guys later. Kerrie

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