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Hey Kerrie!
It’s nice to meet you. I agree with you on the “repetitive eating.” It certainly tends to happen.
Normally, a breakfast for myself consists of: My Formula, 6 oz. of orange juice, a fruit of some kind, and 1 cup of Rice Puffs Cereal (Low in Phes). Lunch: I do my formula again, a salad (I like Iceburg or Romaine lettuce combined with onions, corn, a few peas, shredded carrots, & dressing) & another fruit. Dinner: I love to marinade, steam, or prepare vegetables. Somehow vegetables are always different & you can vary the ways in which you prepare them. So, I love veggies at dinner along with formula, & sometimes a small helping of low pro pasta with marinara sauce.
I really love vegetables by themselves though so it works out nice. I have a fetish with Campbell’s Vegetarian Vegetable soup – which is SO high in sodium & has a few more phes then I would like to intake.
I also have always been (since I was a very young child) obsessed with french fries! It’s strange, but I know my limits.
I truly don’t eat many “special PKU foods.” I absolutely LOVE the LoPro crackers & have always eaten them, but everything else I do fruits, vegetables & I snack on rice cakes/Quakes (which tends to elevate my levels slightly). As of now my levels are between 7-8, I’m aiming for lower yet!
I wish you all the best in your hopes to have children. If you have anymore questions – feel free to ask. Take care

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