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Hey Kristin, I to like french fries. Well actually any type of regular potato. I don’t really care for sweet potato or yams. I think they are gross. I used to love the veg by campble soup, but since I was eating that and some one else at work was eating one of my favorites Mac and Cheese, I just lost my whole appetite and I didn’t want to eat the soup anymore. Can you give me some ideas for marinades for veggies. I also like raw veggies and steamed. I tend to not like fruits as much as I do veggies. The one’s that I do like are a little on the high side of phes. My husband wants me to have no phe’s at all. He doesn’t quit understand that pretty much everything but food that are bad for you have phe’s ( teeth and body). Do you go to school or are you working for a living. Where at in N.Y do you live? My husband has family over there and we are going to visit them in July. They life in Upstate New York. Talk to you later. Kerrie

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