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I’ve never been off diet and don’t plan to be, but I know what my little sister is like when her levels are just 8! She gets VERY emotional, which is bad because she’s naturally an emotional girl. She throws tantrums and has a very hard time concentrating in school. Lately we’ve been having a very hard time with her levels and coincidentally her teacher has told my parents that Erica is having a very hard time in class (she’s 9 by the way).
When my levels are high, which I’m glad to say hasn’t happened in awhile, I get very crabby. I have a terrible temper and I severely lack concentration and balance skills. I really notice when my levels are high while I’m in dance class because when my levels are where they need to be I can concentrate so much better and I’m not always falling.
I don’t know if my reply is helpful since I’ve never been off diet, but I guess I just thought that maybe you could take mine and my sisters problems and make them 10 times worse. Lol, I guess that might work.

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