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I went back onto the strict diet after becoming pregnant three years ago. nAnd my friend also tried ( and failed) to do it recently.
taking into account that I was pregnant, our shared symptoms were: n*green poo! (and a bad belly)- all the wierd an wonderful new stuff being given to your body in the phe supplement.
* Weight loss. PKU diets tend to be healthier if you do not eat a lot of high sugar foods.
* terrible headaches for the first few days.
* A real drop in energy – followed by a sudden and continuous boost.
then – if you persevere you feel the benefits – lifted mood – clearer skin – better concentration, you just feel a whole lot healthier and more sane!
But, the first week or so it does feel like you are making yourself ill.
Just keep going – it will get better and you will see the difference in yourself.
good luck xxxxxxx

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