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sorry, I just read your post a little better.
At my worst point, aged 18, I had been off diet for about 2 years and had no phe supplement during that time. I was living away from home in a student house in Bristol.
I suffered from terrible depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I even had problems with my balance and I would stay in the house for weeks on end. I was never diagnosed as anorexic but I reached about 7 stone and my friends and family were shocked at my appearence so much that I quit Uni in Bristol and moved back home.
I suffer from depression on and off, but since maintaining my levels I have felt like a new person.
Its scary how much high levels can affect you mentally – and when you are like that – no one will make you see sense.
Being on diet is always the best thing to do – most people go off the rails at some point, but what you need to remember is – who know what being off diet will mean to you in 20 years time? what damage could be caused?
Hope it helps, and haven’t been too serious. xxxxxxxxx

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