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Hi, I am new at this. But I am 40 with PKU. I have just recently started the diet. (11/07) and I have been off for 34 years. I am struggling too. I also had a short bout with anxiety. I was teaching my kindergarten class and I had a very bad anxiety attack during an observation. Yikes!!! But I found it in me to finish and was fine. I was put on sertraline and came out of it. But when I went back on diet I found that I could get off of sertraline completely! I am more calm and don’t have the anxiety anymore. When I went back on diet I went cold turkey. I knew what I had to do and just did it! I also was in contact with my nearest PKU Clinic to guide me. I take my levels every week to kind of lead the way as to how much phe I can have. I know how hard it is to get back on diet. So if you need to discuss this let me know.

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