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Hello to everyone who might actually read this, but i’m a mother of 3 wonderful children and i was born with PKU and I’m 29 years old. I maintained my own diet since i was 6 years old, and when i hit 18 i went off the diet, but went back on in the times i was pregnant, i currently live in TN and things for us PKU people are not state funded like they are in NJ which is where i’m originally from, and maintained my diet most of my life, so it wasn’t that hard for me to do, but Now that i’m 29 and been off my diet for 11 years and knock on wood, i don’t have any severe problems to speak of, just some mild ones so far, hopefully fixable ones, and that is why i want to go back on the diet cause they are noticable changes to myself may not be to other people, but they are to me. I’m having a really hard time with getting back to start. My entire childhood i was one on specific formula, and all this low phe foods they have now, they didn’t have when i was growing up. I’m kinda old hat at this stuff, They didn’t have flavored anything when i was growing up, and bread was a once a year thing that we got, and things like that, so this is a lot of changes for me, not to mention the new formula. That right there is a trip for me, cause i used to have to make my formula in the morning before i went to school and i would have to take a thermos of formula with me to school and by time i had lunch everyday that would smell like someone died at the lunch table, but i would drink it because i knew that i had too. When i got home from school every week i would have to do a bloodtest, and i would stick myself with the lancets and get the blood to go into a tube that i could probably fill twice in one sitting. These testing dot papers make me laugh because that is so not what i used to have to use. It’s amazing at all the changes. Right now I’m on a new formula that you shake in a cup, instead of making in a blender with 5 cups of water. It really doesn’t seem like enough, how i’m supposed to drink four sacks of formula that i shake in this cup, and have to drink that in one day, from what i used to drink, and had 24 hours to drink it in. Things are so much simplier now but still the same they aren’t for someone like me. I’m used to the old school stuff. I don’t even want to get into the things i went thru at school cause it would probably make some of you cry. well that is the start for me….comment back if you want, and have a nice day

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